Going For The Goal

Ways to turn dreams into action

Going For The Goal

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Getting motivated and staying motivated isn't such an easy task. Our goals are our dreams. Every dream we have gives us hope for something that we can accomplish. Lets get started with strategies, principles, and motivation to turn our dreams into action.


Reasons of Failures


  • Reasons of Failures

Goal Crushing Plans


  • Goal Crushing Plans (Shortcuts)

Short Term and Long Term Goals


  • Short and Long Term Goals

Balancing Your Life


  • Balance Your Life

Conditioning For A Successful Mindset


  • Successful Mindset Conditioning

About Your Instructor

Marvin McQueen II

Marvin McQueen II

Motivational Change Consultant and Author

Searching for the most professional motivational change consultant and author that could give the best motivational speaking and coaching opportunities towards a successful life? The search is over as Marvin McQueen II is here to respond to such concern. He is an author and at the same time a renowned motivational change consultant that can greatly help in motivating and encouraging them to move forward on their life.

The primary aim of Marvin McQueen II with his coaching and motivational speaking opportunity offered to huge numbers of people around the world is to let them be motivated with their life, acquire positive movement at the same time build the biggest momentum towards achieving great success and progress in life. He is giving the best opportunity to those who are really in need of help and support and almost giving up with their life due to the serious trials and problems they are facing.

Marvin McQueen II greatly believes that every individual can be considered as a winner. This is the reason why he was able to administer different walks of life for all the people who are greatly in need of encouragement to find out and take a path of motivated and successful life. With his messages regarding hope, faith and motivation, he had already shaped mentalities and hearts of huge numbers of people around the world.

More info at marvinmcqueen2.com



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This was the best course I've ever taken in my entire life.
Jay Make-up Artist/Stylist
This is the only resource to level up my personal development!
John M Author/Principal
If you need a challenge, this is the course for you!
Ty Licensed Therapist


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Going For The Goal

This book has been written to provide information about reaching goals through powerful techniques.

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