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This course is designed to take you on a journey of motivational change in 30 days. You will be challenged to adjust, stretch, and change to bring maximum momentum in your life.



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Marvin McQueen II

Marvin McQueen II

Motivational Change Consultant and Author

Searching for a professional motivational change consultant with an uncanny ability to give exceptional motivational speaking and coaching services to catapult you towards a successful life? The search is over! Marvin McQueen II is here to respond to such concerns. He is an author and a renowned motivational change consultant who can motivate and encourage you to move forward with your life.

Marvin McQueen II's goal for coaching and motivational speaking opportunities is to offer people around the world a platform to be intrinsically motivated in life, acquire positive movement and build the biggest momentum towards achieving great success and progress in life. Marvin presents opportunities for those who are in need of help and support as they face challenges that cause them to consider giving up with their life due to the serious trials and problems.

Marvin McQueen II believes every individual can be considered a winner. For this reason, he has positioned himself to avail to individuals in different walks of life.  Marvin believes all people who are greatly in need of encouragement to find and take a path towards a motivated and successful life should be afforded the opportunity to grow. With his messages on hope, faith and motivation, he has already shaped mentalities and hearts of people around the world.

More info at marvinmcqueen2.com



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